Los Abuelos (The Grandparents)

[Originally published in Jan 2010, republished in July 2015 and Nov 2015 in memory of Liam Loughnane] We were in the town of Catholic pilgrimage called Cartago at the end of November. I looked in my wallet but I was low on colones, local cash. “Hey Simone, could you give me some of the money you owe me for the… Read more →

Nicaragua: The Powers That Be

[Originally published 30 January 2010] I arrived in Nicaragua as a tourist. I was not a Spanish student, volunteer or all-conquering long distance hiker. I arrived at my hostel late at night in a shared taxi with a couple from Reading, Berkshire. I saw the room, looked fine, checked in, slept, got up, looked for somewhere nice to have breakfast.… Read more →