One to One Sessions


Louise is a shamanic practitioner with 15+ years’ experience offering one to one shamanic sessions to tap into non ordinary realities to unlock and heal issues that may feel stuck or recur often. She offers shamanic meditation, journey, ritual or healing sessions, as guided by her connection to the spirit world, to help you restore and strengthen your own connection to inner vitality and life force.

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How it works

If you are interested in working with Louise, send her an email with a very brief description of the issue that you need help with. Louise will do a shamanic journey into the spirit world to ask how to work together. The initial journey is offered without obligation to go ahead for a session/ritual together.

The initial journey will suggest one (or more) of the following ways of working together:

  • Shamanic meditation/healing – Louise will take you on a guided meditation to connect you with your higher self, the deepest place of wisdom in your place, during this session you may experience:
    • Power Animal/Spirit Guide retrieval – connection to a guardian spirit to support you in living with vitality
    • Soul Retrieval – reconnection to a “lost” part of yourself
    • Working with Aspects – meeting a part of yourself you find challenging and creating a space where you can come to more wholeness and acceptance of yourself as you are
    • Cord cutting – releasing attachments to unhealthy relationship dynamics or addictions
    • Extraction of unwanted negative energies
    • Shamanic healing – use of sacred tools like drums, rattles, voice to cleanse and revitalise the body, mind and soul
    • Space clearing – shifting negative energies in a home or building
  • Ritual – either you or Louise, or both, receive a task to do at a place of power in nature to support your healing and revitalisation
  • Occasionally, she receives a message that it isn’t the right time or that she is not the right person for you to work with at this time. In this case, she will usually be able to refer you elsewhere.

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Louise offers face to face sessions in London and Bristol in the UK and from South Dublin/North Wicklow in Ireland.

The work also is very effective via Skype/Facetime, indeed it is often great to do deep meditation work at home and not have to travel immediately after.

Sometimes, Louise will receive specific guidance about where we need to be to do the work together – as well as the above locations, it may be at a sacred site like a stone circle or a special hill. However, usually, the location where we work together will be agreed between us as part of discussion of the initial journey, considering what is practical and also best support for the work required.

Occasionally, for space clearing work and with your agreement, Louise will come to you.
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The cost will be communicated to Louise during her journey to the spirit world to prepare for a session together. She’ll write to you with what the cost is and you can decide whether you would like to proceed with the session. Payment can be made by Paypal or bank transfer in Euros and British Pounds, or in cash if we meet in person.
How it worksLocationCostRepeat sessionsBooking enquiries
Repeat sessions

Louise usually does a journey to prepare for each session, whether it is your first session or a repeat session, and so the cost and method of working together can change each time. Occasionally, spirit suggests that we do a series of sessions to work on a particular issue. You will get information about what is suggested in the journey and the opportunity to decide whether to proceed.
How it worksLocationCostRepeat sessionsBooking enquiries
Booking Enquiries

To enquire about a one to one session, please email
How it worksLocationCostRepeat sessionsBooking enquiries